Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CPD Portal for?

The CPD Portal’s primary function is to provide access to online CPD training content. It also allows users to download and print CPD certificates, log CPD from other providers, and reflect on completed CPD activities.

The GDC recommends that all dental professionals keep a professional development plan. The Professional Dentistry CPD Portal provides you with the tools to create and update your plan in a convenient online location.

Do I need to create a Portal account?

Yes, if you want to access online training or obtain a CPD certificate, or use any of the other features. This requires an email address that is not used by any other dental professional.

I dont know my password.

There is a link on the login screen you can click if you have forgotten your password. In the box, just type the email address your account uses, and you will receive an email to choose a new password. If you don’t know which email address you used, call us on 01332 226590 and we will see if we can search your name to find your account details.

I’ve registered myself up for a Portal account and booked for CPD, but I can’t access any products.

For new accounts created on the website, we have to do some one-off administration at our end before purchases can be confirmed. This should happen within one business day. Once this has been done for the first time, future CPD purchases should activate on your account instantly.

I’ve read my CPD E-Publication. Now what?

To record the verifiable CPD on your record, you will need your certificate, which can be obtained by completing a short multi-choice quiz. The button to access a quiz is right next to the button to view the CPD content.

I've failed my quiz! Now what?

Don’t worry. You can reattempt your quiz as many times as you need to.

How do I access my certificates?

Once you have logged in, click on ‘My CPD Tracker’. All the CPD you have completed with us will be listed there, with a link to your certificate next to each activity.

My certificate is not available. What do I do?

Give us a call on 01332 226590. If it is a certificate for a conference you have attended, it could be because we have not received payment for the conference.

I’m in charge of training for my practice. Can I view my colleagues’ training records?

We are able to set up team packages, where a training manager can oversee activities completed by team members. This can be accessed in the “My Team’s CPD Tracker” section of the CPD Portal. This is arranged on a purchase-by-purchase basis, so we need to know who the training manager is at the point of booking. To set up a team package, call us on 01332 226590.

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